Volume 4, 2012

Edited by Fabian Dorsch and Dan-Eugen Ratiu

Table of Contents

M. Jorge de Carvalho
A Further Point of View on Points of View 1-40
Thomas Adajian
Something about Vagueness and Aesthetic Disagreement 41-55
María José Alcaraz Leon
Aesthetic Insight: The Aesthetic Value of Damaged Environments 56-69
Zsolt Bátori
The Role of Music Theory in Music Appreciation: Scientific Explanation or Interpretation? 70-82
Alessandro Bertinetto
Improvisational Listening? 83-104
Adam Blincoe
The Priority of Reason: Mendelssohn’s Rationalist Aesthetics 105-120
Aléxia Bretas
Sonho, logo Existo: Reflexões Estéticas de Fernando Pessoa 121-135
Remei Capdevila Werning
From Berliner Stadtschloss to Humboldt-Box and Back Again: Architecture in the Conditional 136-148
Matilde Carrasco Barranco
The Dogma of Post-Conceptual Art: The Role of the Aesthetic in the Art of Today 149-166
María del Mar Rosa Martínez
On Brady’s Imagination and the Aesthetic Experience of Nature 167-181
Thomas Dworschak
A Framework for Musical Meaning 182-194
Sergey A. Dzikevich
Towards a Semioinstitutional Theory of the Aesthetic: Some Results of Metahistorical Thinking in Aesthetics 195-203
Evrim Emir-Sayers
Gauging Proximities: An Inquiry into a Possible Nexus between Middle Eastern and Western Painting 204-214
Erin E. Flynn
The Aesthetic Representation of Justice in Eastwood’s ‘High Plains Drifter’ 215-229
Cristian Hainic
The Heideggerian Roots of Everyday Aesthetics: A Hermeneutical Approach to Art 230-249
James R. Hamilton
The Riches of Narrative Per Se 250-261
Thomas Heyd
On Guyer’s Reading of Kant on Adherent Beauty 262-270
Vladimir J. Konečni
Empirical Psycho-Aesthetics and her Sisters: Substantive and Methodological Issues 271-315
Ya-Ping Lin
Art for Life’s Sake: Iris Murdoch on the Relationship Between Art and Morality 316-330
Dina Mendonça
The Experimental Solution for the Paradox of Fiction and the Paradox of Tragedy 331-348
Eric Murphy
The Expanded Cluster Account of Art 349-361
Simone Neuber
How Depictive Representations Mandate Pretence by Being Recognised in Terms of What They Depict 362-384
Dan-Eugen Ratiu
Remapping the Realm of Aesthetics: On Recent Controversies about the Aesthetic and the Aesthetic Experience in Everyday Life 385-411
Isabelle Rieusset-Lemarié
What Taste and Perfume Add to the Political Interpretation of the Kantian Aesthetic Judgment by Arendt and Deleuze 412-432
Matthew Rowe
Artwork Indication and the Standard of Neglect 433-444
Salvador Rubio Marco
Pour un Réalisme de l’Aspect et l’Expression en Esthétique 445-458
Pioter Shmugliakov
Heidegger’s Modernism: What Does the Overcoming of Aesthetics Really Amount to? 459-471
Ronald Shusterman
Anish Kapoor and the Anti-Entropy of Art 472-488
Karen Simecek
On the (Seeming) Incompatibility Between Poetry and Philosophical Inquiry 489-502
Robert Stecker
Film Narration, Imaginative Seeing and Seeing-In 503-512
Marta Tafalla
Anosmic Aesthetics 513-531
Enrico Terrone
The Digital Secret of the Moving Image 532-546
Enrico Terrone & Daniela Tagliafico
Imagination and the Cinematic Experience 547-559
Daniel Jerónimo Tobón Giraldo
On the Paradox of Tragedy: Notes for the Balance of Its Theoretical Heritage 560-575
Connell Vaughan
The Political Basis of Rancière’s Aesthetics 576-586
Ken Wilder
Manet and Vermeer: The Nature of the Excluded Spectator 587-613